MIPS Quality Measures Overview

MIPS participants must submit data for at least six quality measures—one of which must be an outcome measure. Below, you’ll find information about the available quality measures in the WebPT EMR.

Note: SLPs are only required to submit the four measures that have been made available in their specialty set.

Available Measures

This table also includes whether the measure is topped out, high priority, and/or has historical benchmark data, as these items impact overall scoring ability. Click here to learn more about how measures are scored.

*The FOTO Outcomes Measures approved for PTs and OTs require a special process for inclusion in WebPT MIPS reporting. Please see the FOTO Reporting section below.

1 Topped Out: A measure becomes “topped out” if the median performance rate is 95% or higher (non-inverse measures). These measures have also been given a max of 7 points as long as the submission meets all other requirements (instead of the typical 10 points). Topped out measures are still available for bonus points.

2 High Priority: High priority process measures are available for one bonus point for each high priority process measure reported—after the first high priority process measure reported. High priority outcomes measures (FOTO only) are available for two bonus points—for each additional measure reported—beyond the first high priority outcome reported.

3 Benchmark: Measures without a benchmark are capped at 3 points. Because these measures don’t have enough data (yet) to create a benchmark, participants cannot receive a performance rate for reporting these measures. You’ll receive points for simply completing the measure and contributing to the benchmarking data.

MIPS Measures Links

Each measure document below contains information on who can report the measure, measure reporting requirements, and how to report the measure in the WebPT EMR. Select a measure to learn more.

Reporting FOTO Measures

We can only support limited documentation of the FOTO measures because they are proprietary to FOTO. Therefore, the way you report on these measures is different than the other measures listed above. We are actively working on improving this reporting process.

For complete instructions, click here.