MIPS Setup: Group Reporting

In order to begin reporting MIPS, you'll need to complete a one-time setup. This article discusses the setup steps for reporting MIPS as a Group. To report as an individual, follow these instructions

MIPS Clinic Setup for Group Reporting

  1. If you are an administrator, click the MIPS Setup link in the Tools section.
  2. You must agree to the Waiver Authorization that pops up. This waiver is required in order to submit your data to CMS as the end of the reporting period.
  3. Select the Group checkbox. Important: Reporting as a group means that everyone in the clinics associated with the EIN will be required to report MIPS for every patient (not just Medicare), even if they are not mandated.   
  4. In the Group Select Notice window, click I Understand to proceed with reporting as a group.
  5. Review the EIN and associated clinics that will be reporting under it. When complete, click Verify and Select Measures.
  6. Once verified, the fields cannot be edited. 
  7. Next, select your measures. All are enabled by default.
  8. When done, click Save.
  9. Important: You will not be able to save your selections if you have chosen less than 6 measures for a user type.                                                                  

Provider Setup

Because your organization has decided to enroll as a group (by selecting the Group checkbox above), all eligible providers will be automatically be enrolled in MIPS and will have a “Group” designation in the MIPS column of the User Manager.

No additional steps are needed.