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Setup (Account Administrator)

Setting up your MIPS portal is simple but crucial. You must complete your setup before we can populate your MIPS data from the EMR.

Initial Login Process

  1. Once you’ve received notification that your account has been created, navigate to https://webpt.mips.healthmonix.com.  
  2. Click the Sign up link at the bottom of the page.
  3. Complete your account registration. Remember, you must use the email address you designated in your first response to us, or the portal will not allow you to log in. 
  4. The portal has very specific password requirements.
  5. When you’re finished click Create Account.

Portal Setup

Let’s review the steps to set up your account. Remember, you’ll need to sign a BAA on behalf of your organization as part of this process. Expect to spend about 10 minutes completing the following steps.

  1. Once you’ve created your account, you’ll be navigated to the portal home page. From here, click the 2021 button in the Practice Admin section.
  2. Select the Dashboard button next to your Practice name.
  3. To finish your setup, click Complete Profile.

The first section is the Practice Profile. 

  1. You’ll notice that the Administrator Email Address is pre-filled and cannot be edited. This is expected behavior as WebPT is the top-level administrator.

  2. Next, enter your First and Last Name into 2.) 
  3. Enter the practice address where you work and a good phone number. This will be used to contact you if there are questions about your account.
  4. For the 10.) Select Specialty drop-down, you can only choose one specialty, so pick the most applicable option. Don’t worry, this won’t impact your ability to select measures for other specialties later on. 
  5. For 12.) Does your group use an EHR/EMR system for your patient records?*, select Yes and choose WebPT. Remember this is the overall company and is not product-specific. RevFlow/WebPT Billing EMR users should also select WebPT.
  6. Compete for the rest of the fields as applicable to your practice.
  7. For 17.) please select Yes. This helps us provide de-identified data to the QPP to improve the program for rehab therapy, including things like adding additional outcomes measures.
  8. When done, click Save and Continue

This section contains a simple Yes/No question about whether your organization has 15 or fewer providers (this includes PTs, OTs, and SLPs). The answer selected here will determine if you’re eligible for the small practice bonus for the Quality Measures section and reduces the total points needed for Improvement Activities. Read the description provided and then answer the question.

  • If you have 16 or more providers select No
  • If you have 15 or fewer providers, select Yes.

When complete, click  Continue

This section is about marking your practice as exempt from the Promoting Interoperability (PI) category. PI is not applicable to rehab therapists during the 2019 reporting period, so it is imperative that you complete the survey correctly.

  1. Start by selecting Yes, Take the Survey.
  2. Next, you’ll answer the questions in the following manner: 1 - No, 2 - No, 3 - Yes, 4 - No 
  3. When you’re done, click Save
  4. You’ll be redirected to the beginning of the survey, please scroll to the bottom the survey where a new question has been added. 
  5. Use the Yes radio button to ensure your PI score is reweighted to zero. 
  6. When complete, click Continue.

  1. In the Anticipated Scores section, select the checkbox for Only using WebPT
  2. In the Component Exemptions section, the box next to This account is exempt from PI will automatically be checked based on your responses to the PI Exemption survey. Next, check the box for This account is exempt from Cost.
  3. When done, click Continue.

  1. Enter your TIN / EIN in the first box.
  2. Re-enter your TIN / EIN in the second box.
  3. Click Continue in the third box once your TIN / EIN has been confirmed.

The Business Associate Agreement (BAA) is a required contract between Covered Entities and Business Associates who exchange Protected Health Information (PHI).  You are considered a “Covered Entity” because you are a healthcare provider who electronically transmits PHI when you report through the portal. Healthmonix is considered a Business Associate because we have access to the PHI through this portal.  The BAA can be signed and initialed by anyone and does not have to be signed by the specific Provider or Group Administrator.

  1. Type in your organization’s name into the Covered Entity field. 
  2. Type in your name in the Signature section and your job title in the Title section.
  3. Check the box to allow this entry to serve as your digital signature. 
  4. Click Save and Continue.                                                                                             

While the BAA can be signed by anyone, the Waiver must be signed and initialed by the same name that is listed on the account. This waiver allows us to release your data to CMS when the submission period opens (Q1 2020). 

  1. Before getting started, make sure this form field contains your name.
  2. Enter your initials next to each line. Tip: Use the Tab key to quickly move through the fields. 
  3. Then, type in your First and Last Name into the corresponding fields.
  4. Check the box to allow this entry to serve as your digital signature. 
  5. Then, click Save and Continue.


You’ve successfully created your account! Now that you’ve completed all the required steps, we can begin loading your data into the MIPS portal. You’ll receive an email when this step is complete and then you can view your current and projected scores.

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