Claims Feed Report

The Claims Feed Report allows you to monitor the information that is being transmitted from the EMR to your integrated billing software or WebPT Billing Services. In addition to treatment charges, this report includes information on payments processed using WebPT's integrated credit card processing solution. Review how to access and run the report, statuses, and how to handle errors.

Accessing the Report

The Claims Feed Report is only available to members who are integrated with a billing software or use WebPT Billing Services. 

Running the Report

In the report, select a date range and a reconciliation mode:

  • Document will show Daily Notes and addenda with a Date of Service within the selected date range.
  • Transmission will show all Daily Notes, addenda, patient payments, and demographics with a Date of Finalization (Daily Notes and addenda) or save date (patient payments and demographics) within the selected date range.

Note: Members integrated with Therabill and RevFlow should always select Transmission.

You can also filter by individual status. Select  Generate Claims Feed Report to run the report according to your parameters.

 What do the different statuses mean?

  • Initiated: Claim is starting the submission process.
  • Validation OK (Pending): Information is being validated before being accepted by the billing software.
  • Validation Failed: Claim was rejected by billing software. See Handling Errors below.
  • Transmission Pending: Claim is in the queue to transfer over to billing software.
  • Transmission Failed: Claim was rejected by billing software. See Handling Errors below.
  • Transmission Successful: Claim was accepted by billing software.
  • Claim Re-submitted: Notification of resubmission. 
  • NOT RE-BILLED: The provider made an addendum to the document, and "Finalize" was selected, not "Finalize and Re-Bill."
  • Not Sent: Claim was not sent to the billing software. For RevFlow, this could be due to the NORCM protocol.

Handling Errors

If there are any statuses that state "Validation Failed" or "Transmission Failed", you can click on the status text, and in the pop-up window, it will state the reason for failure. To help you with a specific error, select which billing software you are integrated with:

Re-submit Claim

If you need to re-submit a claim with a  "Validation Failed" or "Transmission Failed" status, click on the status link. 

Click Re-submit Claim.