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Quality Measure Selection and Setup

Let’s review how to select your Quality measures and complete your setup. 

Quality Measure Selection

  1. Log into the MIPS portal: https://webpt.mips.healthmonix.com.  
  2. Click the 2021 button from the Practice Admin section.   
  3. Then, select Dashboard next to your Practice name.
  4. Click Begin in the Quality section.
  5. From the My Measures section, select My Measures.
  6. Then, click Select Measures.
  7. In the Provisional Measures Option pop-up, mark Yes and click Save. This message simply lets you know we’re still in the process of updating the measure specifications to the 2021 versions. If any measure has yet to be updated, it will state “provisional” in the title. 
  8. Now, we can begin the measure selection process. The portal automatically displays all 21 measures that have been designated for PTs, OTs, and SLPs. 
  9. The left-side menu contains filter options and Selection Requirements. This section shows how many measures you are required to choose. This will update as you select measures. 
  10. To choose a measure, click the Select button. You can use the View Details link to review the Measure Specifications, including score benchmarks.
  11. You may find it beneficial to select more than the required 6 measures, as this allows you to leverage all measure data collected in your practice. Remember, you’re only able to view reporting for the measures selected on this page. The MIPS portal will automatically rank your top 6 measures to ensure maximum points. 
  12. Alternatively, you can use the Select All Measures link at the top of the page to speed up the process if your organization has more than one reporting specialty.
  13. When done, click the Quality Checklist link in the top-left corner of the page. 

Electronic Reporting

The next step is to complete the Electronic Reporting survey. Because none of the measures designated for rehab therapy qualify for CEHRT this year, the survey process is simple. 

  1. In the Electronic Reporting section, click Go To Page.
  2. Click None of the measures qualify for CEHRT.
  3. Scroll to the end of the survey and click Save.        

Important: If you add a measure after completing this survey, you’ll need to select No for the new measure and resubmit by clicking Save

Mandated Measures

  1. Open the Mandated Measures section by clicking Go To Page.
  2. Check the I Acknowledge box.
  3. Click Submit
  4. Once that section is complete, you’ll be automatically navigated to the Data Entry page. You do not need to do anything on this page, as all your data will be conveniently uploaded by WebPT automatically. 

Ready to dive into reporting? Check out this article which explains the three key Quality Reports. 


One of the things you can do to receive a more accurate score in your Quality Points report is to complete the Quality Measures Completion Threshold section now (rather than waiting for the end of the reporting period).

  1. From the Dashboard, select Continue on the Quality tile.

  2. Click on the Requirements tab.
  3. From the Completion Threshold tile, select Go To Page.
  4. For the question: “Have you entered 100% of your 2021 reporting data into WebPT,” select Yes. While 100% of your data is not yet in the portal (because we’re still in the reporting period), we know that it will be at the end of the reporting period because WebPT will continue to push your reporting data to the portal.
  5. Any measure highlighted in yellow are instances that haven’t met the completion threshold. The Reporting Rate column must equal 60% or better to meet the measure requirement. This report is a great one to check on to ensure you’re reaching those numbers.
  6. Click Save.
  7. Click OK on the pop-up. The data displayed on this page will continue to update as you complete more measures.
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