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Remove FLR Requirements from Medicare Payers

As of January 1, 2019, PTs, OTs, and SLPs are no longer required to complete Functional Limitation Reporting for Medicare Part B and Railroad Medicare beneficiaries. 

However, we highly recommend waiting to turn off FLR until all claims for dates of service occurring in 2018 have been submitted to Medicare. Otherwise, you may accidentally submit a claim without the required G-codes.

To remove FLR requirements from your documentation, complete the following steps for each Medicare Payer in your organization.

  1. Click Display Insurance.
  2. Select Medicare from the Type drop-down and click Search. 
  3. Click Edit to open. 
  4. In the Settings column, uncheck the Apply Function Limitation Reporting box. 
  5. Click Edit Insurance to save.
  6. Complete these steps for each Medicare insurance to remove FLR requirements from documentation.
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