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8-Minute Rule for Other Insurances

The 8-Minute Rule can be applied to insurance types other than Medicare. These settings also include requiring all clinic users to record the minutes spent performing each procedure, and the auto-calculation of these minutes in the documentation. This trio of rules can be applied overall, or you can selectively choose which to apply.

  1. From the Insurance Manager, select the Display Insurance link.
  2. Search for the insurance to apply the 8-Minute Rule settings. Use the Edit link to open the Edit Insurance window. 
  3. In the Edit Insurance screen, check to Apply the 8-Minute Rule for this insurance, determine if you want to keep the two additional settings, and select Save.
  4. This process is the same when using the Add Insurance link. 

Here’s how each of these settings impacts the billing sheet:

Apply the 8-Minute Rule for this insurance:

This setting enables 8-minute rule calculations for this insurance. If you select this setting, you’ll need to enter the total minutes spent on each time-based and service-based CPT code. By default, this setting is always on for Medicare insurance types.

Require users to record minutes for CPT codes:

This option makes it mandatory for users to document the number of minutes spent on each CPT code. Otherwise, they will not be able to finalize notes. 

Auto-calculate total and direct time minutes:

This setting enables the automatic calculation of total direct minutes (i.e., the sum of all minutes spent on direct timed codes) and total treatment minutes (i.e., the sum of all minutes spent on direct timed codes and untimed codes). Users can only select this option if they also have selected Require users to record minutes for CPT codes. Also, the auto-calculate setting prevents users from manually modifying the auto-calculated time values.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need to use all three settings at once?
A: No. You can select these settings separately based on individual insurance requirements. For example, if you just want users to record the minutes they spend on each CPT code, simply enable the option “Require users to record minutes for CPT codes.”

Q: If users record minute totals next to their corresponding CPT codes, what happens with the claim? Will the minutes transfer to my billing system? A: When users record minute totals next to their respective CPT codes, those totals will appear on the finalized note, as shown below. However, this information will not appear on the Billing Report or within your billing system

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