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Medicare-Compliant Features in Documentation

8-Minute Rule

  • Each unit of direct time ranges from 8-22 minutes.
  • Untimed codes only count toward total treatment time, not direct time.
  • WebPT makes separate calculations for direct time units and total treatment minutes.
  • WebPT always verifies minute totals and checks them against the recorded CPT codes.

For more information, click here.

Outcome Measurement Tools (OMTs)

  • Medicare requires therapists to use at least one OMT.
  • Examples include the Oswestry Low Back Pain Scale and DASH.
  • Therapists can input the score of an OMT directly into WebPT during or after the patient completes the questionnaire.
  • Entered scores carry forward from the Initial Evaluation into each evaluative note.

For more information on OMTs in documentation, click here

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