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What is Individual CPT Code Billing?

When you bill multiple units of a single CPT code, certain insurance companies require that you submit each individual code as a single line item on the associated claim. In accordance with this requirement, WebPT provides the Apply Individual CPT Code Billing option on the Add/Edit Insurance screen. This setting is only available to Members with a billing integration.  

If you select this setting, multiple units (i.e., two or more) of each individual CPT code will appear as separate line items on the billing report. These codes also pass through the Claims Feed Report as separate line items. For example, in the image below, the user has billed two units of Therapeutic Exercise (97110) on the billing sheet.

After the note is finalized, the two units of 97110 appear as separate line items within the Billing Report. 

Please note that every insurance company is different. As such, we highly recommend that you check with each of your insurance companies to determine whether they require individual CPT code billing. If you submit claims using this setting and your insurance does not accept individual CPT code billing, you may receive claim rejections.

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