How do I Delete (Inactivate) an Insurance?

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Because insurances cannot be deleted in the EMR, we’ve included an inactive status drop-down to exclude unwanted profiles from appearing as an option in the Insurance tab when adding or editing a patient profile. However, using the inactive status can have unintended downstream effects.

Inactive profiles and all associated data will not flow into Analytics reports, and all previous data tied to the payer record will be deleted. This will impact reporting on insurance, billing, and payer mix.

You should only inactivate an insurance if:

  1. It is a duplicate without any patient data tied to it;
  2. It was a test record you created to assist with learning the application (generally during onboarding); or
  3. You created it in error.

Steps to Inactivate

Only Insurance Admins can complete the following steps. 

  1. Use Display Insurance to navigate to the record you want to make inactive.
  2. Select the entry to open up the profile for editing. 
  3. Use the Status drop-down menu at the top of the profile and select Inactive.
  4. Complete the inactivation of the record and save your changes using the Edit Insurance button at the bottom of the page.                                                                                                          
  5. To locate an inactive record, set your search filter to inactive and key in any additional search terms.                                                               
  6. You can easily reactivate the profiles at any time.