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Cancels (Analytics Report)

Cancels is an Analysis Grid Style report that helps you better understand when and why patients cancel appointments. In addition, you can track Case Cancels, determine if your appointment reminder approach is effective, and help facilitate adherence to company cancellation policies. This information pulls directly from the WebPT Scheduler. If your company does not use the Scheduler, you won’t find value in this report.

Note: If an appointment is added to the calendar with an initial status of "Cancelled", this will not populate in the report and will also not populate as a note in the patient's case.


You can locate this report in the Cancels and No Shows section of Reports in Analytics. If you do not see the report listed in this section, ensure that you have the correct Analytics Access permission.

Run and Customize the Report

  1. Choose which clinics appear in the report using the View Clinics by: drop-down menu and corresponding (…) button.
  2. Select the desired Date Range.
  3. Add Custom Filters to create specific segments of data using any of the column values in the report.
  4. Select Add Chart to visualize the data. Charts can be saved and displayed in your Custom Dashboards.
  5. Use the Column Headers to Sort, Filter, Group, Aggregate, or Format the report output.
  6. Once you've manipulated the report to your liking, you can save the customizations to your Saved Reports to run again later or share it with others in your organization.

  • The Date/Time Contacted column can help clinics ensure that their policies about lead time are followed (i.e. 24-hour cancellation notice)
  • Ensuring that the Cancel Reason is collected can provide you better insight into why patients cancel, potentially allowing you to find ways to reduce the frequency of events. (With the bonus of reducing your (Cancel/No Show KPI).

Column Field Descriptions

Field Name Definition Source
Clinic Name The clinic associated with the scheduled appointment. Scheduler/Patient Appointments
Patient Name The patient's name associated with the canceled appointment. What field in the Add/Edit Appointment Window on the Scheduler
Date of Cancel The date and start time of the canceled appointment. When a field in the Add/Edit Appointment Window on the Scheduler
Date/Time Contacted The date and time the appointment was canceled. Date/time contacted to cancel the appointment fields in the Canceled window
Appointment Type Custom appointment type Scheduled Visits
Case Name The patient's case, as listed in the scheduled event. What field in the Add/Edit Appointment Window on the Scheduler
Case Therapist The assigned case therapist associated with the scheduled patient's case. Assigned Therapist field in the Add/Edit Case window
Treating Therapist The name of the therapist/therapist's calendar that appears in the patient's appointment. Schedule field in the Add/Edit Appointment Window on the Scheduler
Documenting Therapist The person who marked the appointment as "Cancel" from the Scheduler. This can be a clerical user. Scheduler/Patient Appointment
Primary Insurance The name of the primary insurance added to the patient's case. Primary Insurance drop-down in the Add/Edit Case window
Primary Insurance Type The insurance type for the primary insurance added to the patient's case. Type drop-down in the Add/Edit Insurance window
Total Case Cancels The total number of canceled appointments related to the case listed in the appointment. Calculated Value
Cancel Reason The reason the appointment was canceled, as selected from a set list. Reason radio button in the Canceled window
Cancel Note The text entered into the comments section. The comments section in the Canceled window
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