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Authorizations (Analytics Report)

Authorizations is an  Analysis Grid style report that Includes SOAP 1.0 and 2.0 data and helps you understand utilization across clinics by providing counts of Available, Used, and Total Authorized Visits. This report also provides insight into patients with more than one authorization. 

Note: This information pulls directly from the authorization as added to the patient’s case.

Run and Customize the Report

  1. Choose which clinics appear in the report using the View Clinics by: drop-down menu and corresponding (…) button.
  2. Select the desired Authorization End Date Range.
  3. Use the View by Case Status to choose whether you want Active or Discharged cases.
  4. Add custom Filters to create specific segments of data using any of the column values in the report.
  5. Select Add Chart to visualize the data. Charts can be saved and displayed in your Custom Dashboards.
  6. Use the Column Headers to Sort, Filter, Group, Aggregate, or Format the report output.
  7. Once you've manipulated the report to your liking, you can save the customizations to your Saved Reports to run again later or share it with others in your organization.

Tip: Curious about over-utilization? Use the following filter. This will display all patients with a negative number of Used Authorized Visits, indicating treatment outside of the authorization.


You can locate this report in the  Visits section of Reports. If you do not see the report listed in this section, ensure that you have the correct Analytics Access permission.

Column Field Descriptions

Field Name Definition Source
Primary Treatment Clinic The primary clinic location where the patient receives treatment, as noted in the patient's case. This field can be required based on the clinic setting. If there is no data entered in this field, the field will be unassigned until the Initial Evaluation is finalized. If an Initial Evaluation is never finalized, this field will remain unassigned and won't be attributed to a clinic. Primary Treatment Clinic drop-down in the Add/Edit Case window
Last Seen Clinic The clinic where the patient's most recent finalized note occurred. Patient Notes
EMR Patient ID The patient ID assigned to the patient thru the WebPT EMR ID assigned when the patient is added to WebPT EMR in the Patient Info section
Patient Name The full name of the patient as it appears on the patient chart. First Name and Last Name fields in the Patient Info section
Case Name The title of the patient's case. Case Title field in the Add/Edit Case window
Case Status Status of the patient's case displayed in the report (e.g. Active, Discharged) Patient Case
Assigned Case Therapist The therapist assigned to the patient's case. Assigned Therapist field in the Add/Edit Case window
Primary Insurance The name of the primary insurance added to the patient's case. Primary Insurance drop-down in the Add/Edit Case window
Multiple Authorizations A yes/no flag indicating whether there is more than one authorization for the patient's case. Add/Edit Authorizations window in the Patient's Case
Authorization Number The authorization number as entered in the Authorization section of the patient's case. Authorization # field in the Authorizations window
Authorization Status Indicates whether the authorization is active or expired. Calculation based on the Authorization End Date and current day's date in the Authorizations window; or when Used Authorizations is equal to or greater than the Total Authrozied Visits.
Authorization Start Date The start date for the authorization, as entered in the patient's case. Effective Start date field in the Authorizations window
Authorization End Date The end date for the authorization, as entered in the patient's case. Effective End date field in the Authorizations window
Available Authorization Visits The number of remaining authorized visits for the patient. Calculation based on the Total Authorized Visits minus the Used Authorized Visits; Negative visit values indicate Used Visits have exceeded the Total  Authorized Visits. 
Used Authorization Visits The number of finalized notes within the patient's case that have dates of service falling within the range of the authorization's start and end dates. Patient Notes
Total Authorized Visits The total number of authorized visits, as entered in the Authorization window of the patient's case. Auth Visits field in the Authorizations window
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