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Working with Flowsheets

Document patient exercises in WebPT using flowsheets. Flowsheets can be finalized for each date of service, and easily faxed or emailed as needed. You can also view a patient's history for past dates of service.

Select Exercises

  1. Open the Flowsheet window from the Patient Chart. 
  2. From the flowsheet, click Add Exercise.    
  3. Select tabs for preloaded WebPT exercises (industry-standard exercises) or custom exercises. Click Next to scroll through exercises alphabetically.
  4. Use the Search bar to locate an exercise and use the checkboxes to select.
  5. Click Add Exercises to add the exercises to the flowsheet.  

 Flowsheet Options

  1. Carry Forward All: If you have previously saved a flowsheet, you can add exercises from earlier dates of service/
  2. Save As Draft: Saves your work as you go along.
  3. Finalize Document: When you are ready to preview, finalize, or print the flowsheet - see below for additional instructions.
  4. Save your changes: applies to individual exercises
  5. Carry forward from previous record: applies to individual exercises, will populate most recent information
Note: You can track all dates within the flowsheet for a history of exercises. The date you finalize the flowsheet will show in the patient chart, so be sure to finalize the flowsheet after each appointment if you want the flowsheet to appear as a line item in the patient chart for each date of service.

Exercise Information

You can record the date, weight, sets, rep, minutes, oxygen saturation, respiratory rate, and heart rate for each exercise, as well as the surface, procedure, and supervision for each exercise. 

Note: You can remove the fields for oxygen saturation, respiratory rate, and heart rate in Settings.

Use the Arrow icons to reorder exercises.

Preview, Finalize, or Print the Flowsheet

You have to click  Finalize Document from the flowsheet in order to preview and print it.

After clicking  Finalize Document from the flowsheet, the Finalize Document screen opens.

  • Use Filters to select exercises.
  • Change Start and End Dates if desired.
  • Select Options to include additional information on the flowsheet. 

  Preview the PDF before finalizing.

Note the dates on the flowsheet. The date at the top left is the date you save the flowsheet, and it will show in the patient chart for that date of service. You can save a flowsheet on each date of service.  

You can print the flowsheet from your browser, or once finalized, go to the patient chart and use the drop-down to print it.

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