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Custom Flowsheet Profiles

Save time when creating flowsheets with Custom FS Profiles. Let’s say you treat a lot of shoulder patients, and you have a certain set of exercises that you use for patients who have rotator cuff tears. You can save a profile on the flowsheet for rotator cuff tears, so every time you have a patient with this diagnosis, you can simply load that flowsheet, thus standardizing your protocol of care and eliminating the need to build individual flowsheets for each patient.

Let's review how to create and include a Custom FS Profile in a patient's flowsheet.

 Creating a Custom FS Profile

  1. Click on your name drop-down menu and select Flowsheet Profiles.    
  2. The Custom Flowsheet (FS) Profile Manager can have up to four tabs, depending on whether your clinic uses WebPT's HEP. 
  3. Clinic FS Profiles: custom profiles created by others in your clinic
  4. My FS Profiles: your custom profiles can be managed from this tab.
  5. Let's create a custom profile. Click the Create New FS Profile link.   
  6. Name the profile and select Yes radio button next to Public if you want others in your clinic to be able to use the profile.                
  7. Use the accordion menus to locate the exercises you want to include, and use the checkbox to select them. You can select from a list of industry-standard exercises and your public custom exercises. The A-Z accordion menus are customized and built based on how you use them in your clinic. If you do not see this format listed, there has been no building activity yet for your custom Flowsheet Exercises. Learn more about creating custom exercises.
  8. Click Preview to view a list of all selected exercises in alphabetical order. You can save the Profile from the preview page or close and add more exercises.      

  9. Save when complete.

Loading a Custom FS Profile

  1. Open the Flowsheet window from the Patient Chart.        
  2. In the Exercises section, click Load Profiles.        
  3. In the My FS Profiles tab, select the profile you've created.           
  4. You can also add additional exercises using the Add Exercise button.
  5. Complete the flowsheet as normal.
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