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Custom Flowsheet Exercises

Easily customize the exercises you can incorporate into patient flowsheets using the Add Exercise window and the Smart Text Manager. 

Custom Exercises in the Add Exercise Window

  1. In the Flowsheet window, select Add Exercise.         
  2. Type in the exercise you want to include. If it does not show up, use the Add as New link.            
  3. Check the Smart Text box to add to the Flowsheet tab in the Smart Text Manager. Set the Public option to Yes if you want to allow others to use this exercise, and if you want to be able to include it in a Custom FS Profile.                        
  4. Click the Add button to save.        
  5. The exercise will be automatically checked. 

Custom Exercises in the Smart Text Manager

  1. In the Tools section, select Smart Text.                                                          
  2. Click the Flowsheet Tab.
  3. Input the name of the exercise in the Add New Flowsheet Phrase.             
  4. If you check the Make Phrase Public box, everyone in your clinic will be able to use the exercise and you will be able to include it when creating Custom FS profiles. 
  5. Click Add New Phrase to save. 
  6. The exercise will be available in the Add Exercise window.
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