Flowsheet Overview

Flowsheets are used to document therapeutic exercises and measure patient progress throughout treatment. 

With WebPT's flowsheet function you can:

  • Create custom flowsheet profiles
  • Customize your flowsheet exercises
  • Use multiple treatment locations such as pool or gym
  • Open multiple flowsheets at one time for multiple patients or one patient with more than one case
  • Access patient HEP from the flowsheet
  • Access preloaded exercises
  • Access customized exercises created in the HEP

  • + : Open new tab for new case or new patient
  • Home Exercise Program: Open patient's HEP for reference (if your company has purchased the HEP product)
  • Settings: Access flowsheet settings
  • Add New Note: Add Notes to flowsheet
  • Add New Location: You can add other locations and change the name of the default (GYM).

Open Multiple Flowsheets

Click the tab with the  + sign to open multiple flowsheets.  Search on Last Name, First Name, or Patient Identifier to find the flowsheet. Use the drop-down at the top right to navigate between flowsheets.


Add notes to each exercise session. The most recent note will be displayed; you can also view past notes. 


The default location in WebPT is GYM. You can add other locations and change the name of the default.