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Flowsheet Overview

Flowsheets are used to document therapeutic exercises and measure patient progress throughout treatment.


With WebPT's Flowsheets you can:

Flowsheet's Features

  1. +: Open a new tab for a new case or new patient.
  2. Home Exercise Program: Open the patient's HEP for reference (if your company has purchased the HEP product).
  3. Settings: Access flowsheet settings.
  4. Add New Note: Add Notes to the flowsheet.
  5. Add New Location: You can add other locations or change the name of the default (GYM).
  6. Add Exercise: Add exercises to the flowsheet. You can select from WebPT's preloaded exercises or add custom exercises.
  7. Load Profile: Load your custom flowsheet profiles.
  8. Carry Forward All: Carry forward all exercises from the patient's last date of service.
  9. Save As Draft: Save your flowsheet so that you may exit and come back to it at a later time.
  10. Finalize Document: Finalize the completed flowsheet.

Open Multiple Flowsheets

Click the tab with the  + sign to open multiple flowsheets. Search by Last Name, First Name, or Patient Identifier to find the flowsheet. Use the drop-down in the top right to navigate between flowsheets.

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