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What is the Agenda?

The Agenda allows you to see the scheduled appointments, check in times, and note statuses for a given day, right from the dashboard. Clerical users will be able to see all clinic appointments, while therapists will only see appointments from their calendars. 

You can view the schedule for different days by using the drop-down arrow next to the Calendar Icon and selecting either yesterday, today, tomorrow, +2 days, or +3 days. In addition, you can use the Calendar Icon to select any date—past or previous—to view the schedule for that specific day. 

Use the print button to print upcoming appointments for the date(s) selected. Because of the layout, we recommend printing appointments from the agenda view rather than the main Scheduler view. 

When the agenda view window appears, Click here to Print and follow your printer instructions.

Check In and Check Out times are noted in parenthesis on the agenda.

Blank Agenda

A blank agenda indicates there are missing calendars in your Scheduler.  Select View Schedule.

Check all provider calendars you need to view are added to the schedule.

You can also Add additional calendars to your Scheduler.

Agenda Note Status Icons

The Dashboard agenda contains icons to help you better see what to expect for the day.

Status Icons

To unlock this feature, clinic administrators must enable Dashboard Alerts within the Clinic Settings page. Simply click on your clinic name in the upper-right corner of WebPT and select  On under the Dashboard Alerts section, as shown below. This will make the alerts available to all clinic users.

Here is a screenshot of a typical agenda on the dashboard and below are the icon meanings:

Green Icon

This icon indicates that the note for this patient case is complete.

Yellow Icon

This icon indicates that the note for that patient's case is incomplete because the therapist either is currently working on the note or has saved it as a draft.

Red Icon

This icon indicates that the therapist has not started a note for this patient's case.

Birthday Icon

This icon indicates that today is the patient’s birthday. This icon always appears to the right of the note status (green, yellow, or red) icon.

Yellow Exclamation Icon

This icon indicates that a patient needs a Progress Note. 

Red Exclamation Icon

This icon indicates that the patient record is incomplete. 

Red POC Icon

This icon indicates the patient has an expired plan of care.

Blue POC Icon

This icon indicates the patient's plan of care is expiring.

My status Icons are not updating

If your status icons are not changing to reflect the correct icon, clear your web browser cache or resave the appointment.

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