WebPT Dashboard

The Dashboard is the first screen you see after logging on. It serves as a hub to every function in WebPT. You can return to the Dashboard at any time by clicking the WebPT logo in the upper left corner of any page. 

Dashboard: Key Items

Dashboard Overview

  1. News & Updates – the newest improvements to WebPT with links to additional information in the Community.
  2. At a Glance Alerts – tracks and alerts you to the incomplete patient, physician, and insurance profiles; documentation tasks such as authorizations and prescriptions needed; and Medicare compliance requirements.
  3. Agenda – shows appointments scheduled for the current day. View other dates and print a clean list of appointments. Click here for more information.
  4. New Patients – list of patients added to Patient Manager but do not have a completed Initial Examination. When an IE is finalized, the name will not appear on the list anymore. 
  5. Search my Patients/Advanced Search – type in a few letters of a patient name, Patient ID, or use Advanced Search to open Patient Manager for additional search fields.
  6. Messages – secure internal messaging system for use within your clinic. A red dot shows when you have unread messages. Appointment Reminders usage notification show for Clinic Admins.
  7. Marketplace – a one-stop shop for all things rehab therapy at discounted prices, as well as CEUS and Credentialing.
  8. Community – learn how to do all things WebPT using our knowledge base articles and brief how-to videos. Check system status, provide Product Feedback, join Rehab Nation, and learn about all WebPT Member Benefits.