Billed Units by Payer

Billed Units by Payer is a Data Table style report, that Includes SOAP 1.0 and 2.0 data and shows the count of units billed by insurance type, insurance, or CPT code (including modifiers). 


You can locate this report in the Billed Units section of Reports. If you do not see the report listed in this section, ensure that you have the correct Analytics Access permission. Note: Units are only included if they are contained in finalized billable notes.

  1. You can filter which clinics appear in the report using the View Clinics by: drop-down menu and corresponding (…) button.
  2. Use the View Data By drop-down to add additional columns and levels of detail to the table.
  3. You have the option of filtering the report by Therapist, Insurance Type, Insurance name, and/or CPT Codes using the multi-select drop-down menus. Click Apply when you’ve completed selecting filters.

Column Field Descriptions

Field Name Definition Source
Insurance Type The insurance type for the patient's primary insurance, as listed in the patient case. Type drop-down in the Add/Edit Insurance window
Insurance The name of the primary insurance listed in the patient case. Primary Insurance drop-down in the Add/Edit Case window
CPT Code The CPT code tied to the billed unit(s). Billing sheet in a finalized patient note.
% of Total The percentage of the total units billed attributed to each insurance type or insurance. Calculated value based on the Billing Sheet and Finalized Patient Notes