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Goals Not Pulling Forward

If a patient's goals are missing in a new note, there are generally two reasons. 

Notes Finalized Out of Order

To avoid this issue, it's important to open and finalize your SOAP notes in order. When a note is opened in a patient's chart, it pulls goals from the previous document. For example, if you open an Initial Exam and enter in the goal information without finalizing it, and then proceed to start a Daily Note, the goals will be blank on the Daily Note.


To correct this, you'll need to copy and paste goals from the previous note containing accurate and up-to-date information. This ensures the goals will pull forward to future notes in this case.

Internet connection issues

If you're working on an unstable or slow connection, it's possible that goals are simply not loading. To correct this issue, check your router and/or internet connection to ensure it's stable and consistent.

Not sure which issue?

If you notice goals are missing when you open a new note, use the following steps to troubleshoot:

  • Look at the patient's case. If there are multiple open notes in the patient record sections, or you notice that notes have been finalized out of order, you may need to copy and paste goals into this note.
  • Look at the previously finalized note. If your notes were finalized in order, and this note has goals, you may have internet connection issues. Try opening a new note to see if goals pull forward automatically.
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