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Analytics Overview (WebPT EMR)

WebPT Analytics provides insight into WebPT EMR productivity at your organization, offering a library of easy-to-use dashboards, charts, data tables, and analysis grids. Understanding your data is the first step toward making better business decisions. Let’s review the key items necessary to get started with Analytics.


Accessing Analytics

Open Analytics by selecting the Analytics icon located in the global navigation header menu above the WebPT EMR Dashboard.                                                                                                                      

Analytics Permissions

In order to access Analytics, users must have the Analytics Access permission enabled on their user profile in WebPT EMR. Additionally, the user’s other profile permissions will impact their auto-assigned role in Analytics, which determines which reports they can natively view. However, you can completely customize available reports for each user in Analytics.

KPI Dashboard

Track company and clinic productivity using the six Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) located on the Analytics homepage. You can set goals for each KPI and monitor your progress towards those goals.

KPI Metrics

Click each metric to learn more:

Comparison Charts (Single Provider Plus or above)

The Charts section of Analytics contains two types of comparisons: By Clinic and By Therapist. Each section allows for comparisons across the six available KPI metrics shown on the Dashboard. This section of reporting is only available to users who have Analytics Pro. To review subscription differences check out Analytics Report Availability.


The Reports section in Analytics contains five categories of reports and two distinct report types: Data Tables and Analysis Grids, which allow for different methods of manipulation. Click here for more information on Reports.

Benchmarking (Single Provider Plus or above)

The Benchmarking section allows you to compare your performance at a company or clinic level to others either nationally or locally for each of the KPI metrics available on the dashboard. This section of reporting is only available to users who have the Analytics Pro. To review subscription differences check out Analytics Report Availability.

  • National Benchmarking compares you to all organizations that are included in your segment across the country.
  • Local Benchmarking compares you to 29 clinics in your segment that are geographically closest to you based on clinic zipcode.


The Management section has a few key features. First, you set KPI goals in the KPI management portion. Next, you can update how the names of your clinics appear in the Analytics portal for easier reporting views. A key feature of this tab is managing user roles and permissions to specific reports. You can also find a complete list of users and patients in this section. Click here to read more.

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