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Sharing Reports

You can share your saved reports with other Analytics users in your company. Permissions play a role in who you can share reports with. If you are struggling to locate another user in your clinic, please see the Authorized Users section below. 

Important: When you share a saved report with another user, the clinic(s) selected in the shared version of the report is not saved for the shared user. You'll need to ensure the appropriate clinics are selected when running the report in the View Clinics by drop-down. Once you've selected the clinics and are satisfied with the report you should Save the new report with a new name.

Sharing Reports

Let’s review how to share a report. 

  1. Navigate to My Reports and select Saved Reports.                              
  2. You can share reports from the My Reports tab or the Report Organizer tab. In this example, we’ll stay on the My Reports tab. 
  3. In the Share Report column, click the Share Report icon.
  4. In the Share Report pop-up window, use the (1) Find field to search or (2) browse through the list of users. Important: Only properly permissioned users will appear on this list. Check out the Authorized User section below for more information. 
  5. To share the report, click on the Share+ icon next to the User ID. You’ll notice that users that report has been shared with automatically be added to the Shared With section at the bottom of the window. You can choose to share with one or many users.                     
  6. Once you’ve finished sharing the report, close the window. Once you refresh the My Reports page, you’ll note that the Share Report icon will change from gray to green, providing a quick visual of which reports have been shared. This is important because if you delete a report you’ve shared with others, they’ll lose access to that report. Reference: A gray Share Report icon = not shared, while a green Share Report icon = shared. 

Removing Access to a Shared Report

  1. If you want to unshare a report, click the Share Report icon from My Reports or Report Organizer.
  2. In the Shared With section of the Share Report pop-up, click the trash can icon next to the user to unshare the report.                                          

Authorized Users

Reports can only be shared with Authorized Users. In Analytics, in order to appear in the Share Report window, a user must meet the following criteria:

  1. Have the Analytics Access permission;
  2. Have access to the same Clinic Location as the user that is doing the sharing; and
  3. Have access to the analysis grid report that the saved report is built on. You can adjust individual report access in the User Role Management section.
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