Report Organizer

The Report Organizer tab of the My Reports section allows you to create, view, and share folders of saved reports.

Report Organizer

Follow the steps to access your Report Organizer.

  1. Navigate to My Reports and select Saved Reports from the Saved Reports section.             
  2. Select the Report Organizer tab to open.                        

This tab has two main sections: 

  1. My Saved Reports: This section contains all the reports you’ve created and saved in Analytics. You can run, rename, share, and delete your saved reports from this area. This is also where you can create a folder structure to help organize and easily share large groups of saved reports. 
  2. Shared With Me: This section contains all the reports and folders that have been created by others and shared with you. You can run reports from this section.              

Creating Folders

You can create a folder structure to organize your reports in the My Saved Reports section. You cannot create folders in the Shared with Me section; the only folders that will appear here are the ones that have been shared with you by others. 

To create a folder:

  1. Hover over My Items. A gear icon will appear.             
  2. Click the gear icon and select Add New Folder.                 
  3. Name your folder and click Done. For this example, we named the folder “Patient Reports.”                                                                                     
  4. Your folder is nested under the My Items section. 
  5. To create a sub-folder, simply hover over Patient Reports, click the gear icon, and select Add New Folder. This is also where you can Rename or Delete the folder. Caution: Deleting a folder will delete any reports contained within them.
  6. The folder will appear under Patient Reports, as this is the section from which we selected Add New Folder.                                                               

Report Organization

You can create as many folders as you’d like, with a virtually unlimited degree of nesting. However, because you can only see the reports contained within a folder after selecting the folder section, we highly recommend being thoughtful about your organization. If you delete a top-level folder, all folders (and reports) within the sub-folders (and sub-sub-folders) will also be deleted. 

Important: Your saved reports will automatically go into the folder that was last in use, not into the top-level folder. You can use this functionality as a shortcut to automatically organize your reports by deliberately selecting a folder before going to create saved reports. Otherwise, you can select the My Items section before leaving this page to ensure that everything goes into the top-level folder first. 

Adding Reports to a Folder

To add a report to a particular folder, simply click on the saved report’s drag icon, and drop it into the desired folder.

You can drag and drop reports into the folders you’ve created in the My Saved Reports section. You cannot drag shared reports into your folder structure, or re-arrange the report location within the folder structure of the Shared With Me section.   

Sharing Folders

The folder sharing functionality is the same as sharing reports, with one notable exception. Sharing a folder of reports will continuously share all current reports and sub-folders, and any other saved reports/folders added to that folder over time. 

  1. From the Report Organizer, hover over the folder in the My Saved Reports section.       
  2. Click the Share icon.                                                  
  3. In the Share Folder pop-up window, use the (1) Find field to search or (2) browse through the list of users. Important: Only properly permissioned users will appear on this list. Check out the Authorized User section below for more information.  
  4. To share the folder, click on the Share+ icon next to the User ID. You’ll notice that the users that folder has been shared with are automatically added to the Shared With section at the bottom of the window. You can choose to share with one or many users.                     
  5. When you’ve finished sharing the folder, close the window. Once you refresh the Report Organizer page, you’ll note that the share icon has changed from gray to green, providing a quick visual of which folders have been shared. This is important because if you delete a folder that you’ve shared with others, they’ll lose access to that folder (and sub-folders) and all nested reports. Reference: A gray icon = not shared, while a green icon = shared. 
  6. Any updates made to reports or folders that are shared will be reflected for the users they are shared with as well. 

Folder Shortcuts

You can move folders from your Shared With Me section to your My Saved Reports section. This allows you to rename the folder shortcut using the gear icon. You can also use the gear icon to remove the shortcut.

Removing Access to a Shared Folder

  1. If you want to unshare a folder and all nested reports, click the share icon from the folder in the Report Organizer.                              
  2. In the Shared With section of the Share Folder pop-up, click the trash can icon next to the desired user.                                          

Authorized User

Folders can only be shared with Authorized Users. In Analytics, in order to appear in the Share Folder window, a user must meet the following criteria:

  1. Have the Analytics Access permission;
  2. Have access to the same Clinic Location as the user that is doing the sharing; and
  3. Have access to the analysis grid reports represented by the saved reports in the folder and subfolders. Otherwise, some reports may be not be shared. You can adjust individual report access in the User Role Management section.
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