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Time Saving Tips

The time has come. You had a demo, invested in WebPT, went through Onboarding. Now that you have a moment to catch your breath, you have a clinic to run and patients to treat. Let's look at how to best use WebPT to save you precious time.

You can use WebPT's built-in tools to customize your initial evaluations, store commonly used documentation phrases, create a billing tab that lists only the codes you use, and more. Spend some time - early on - learning about and setting up these tools, and reap the benefits of efficiency and consistency.

Custom IE Profiles

Did you know that you can customize the objective tests you want to use in your initial evaluations? With WebPT, you can create custom evaluation templates that allow you to document a shorter, more precise Objective tab. We love efficiency and consistency, and we know you do, too.

You still have access to WebPT's peer-reviewed standard IE profiles, and you can modify one of these or create your very own from scratch. Save your custom profile for your use, or make it available to everyone at your clinic.

Click here to learn how.

Smart Text

Enter standard documentation phrases into the Smart Text Manager and then select them into documentation. Smart Text can also be used when creating custom Flowsheet Exercises. Share phrases with other users for consistency throughout your clinic. You can use Smart Text phrases verbatim, modify them after bringing them into a document, and/or select multiple phrases. 

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Custom Billing Tab

Increase documentation efficiency and decrease possible billing errors by customizing the billing codes for your clinic. Hide billing codes you don't need and display only the ones you use to decrease the time you spend selecting codes, reduce billing errors, and increase reimbursements.

Having to read through all the possible codes slows you down, and we don't want you to select an invalid or non-reimbursable code. 

Click here to learn how.

Custom Flowsheet Profile

Standardize your protocol of care and save time by creating custom flowsheet profiles before seeing patients. Chances are you prefer certain exercises for certain diagnoses; create a flowsheet profile for a diagnosis and select that profile when indicated.

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Diagnosis Code Favorites

If you specialize, consider adding diagnosis codes to your Favorites list to save search/selection time. But don't get crazy! The favorites list was designed to hold about 25 favorites. If you save a hundred or so, chances are you still have to search for them.  

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