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Saved Reports

Analysis reports are designed to be manipulated, allowing you to pinpoint specific data subsets. You can save the customized output of your analysis grid using the Save Report button. This allows you to create a custom report once and run it at key intervals whenever you need it. 

Note: When you save a report, the clinic(s) selected will also be saved. This is extremely beneficial for companies with a large number of clinic locations.

How to Save a Report

  1. Open the Analysis Grid report you want to use as the starting point for your data. In this example, we’ll use the Patient Case Status report because we want to view the average number of visits, by primary insurance, for all active cases.
  2. Use the View Clinics by drop-down or the (...) to select a clinic or clinics. 
  3. Set a date range for this report.                                      
  4. Click on the Options button. 
  5. In the Group tab, select Primary Insurance from the Grouping Column drop-down and click Add.                                                    
  6. Next, click the Total Visits column header and use the Aggregate function to select Average.
  7. Then, we can hide the detail rows for cleaner viewing. Navigate to Options > Group and select the Exclude Detail Rows checkbox.                                                                   
  8. Use the Save Report button at the top of the report. This will allow us to do things like run this report quarterly without needed to re-create the filters. 
  9. Enter a name for the report and click Save. 
  10. You’ll receive an alert letting you know that the report was saved successfully. 
Note: Saved reports will not retain the date range of the original report. They default to the previous 30-day period. When opening a saved report from the My Reports section, you can adjust the date to show the data desired.

For information on Sharing Reports, click here.

Viewing your Saved Reports

Clicking the View Reports button on any of the Analysis Grid reports will direct you to the Saved Reports page, allowing you to view all saved reports. 

Saved Reports

Saved reports appear on the Saved Reports page of the My Reports section. You’ll be able to view the reports you’ve saved, and any saved reports that have been shared with you by other users. 

  1. Navigate to My Reports and select Saved Reports from the Saved Reports section.       
  2. On the Saved Reports page, you’ll see a list of all the reports you’ve saved and reports that have been shared with you, with the newest reports listed first.

  1. The Report column shows the name of the Analysis Grid report you used to build the report.
  2. The Saved Report Name column displays the name you created when saving the custom report.
  3. The Last Date Created shows when the report was made or when the name was last updated.
  4. Clicking the green play icon in the Run Report column will navigate you away from the Saved Reports table and open the saved report.
  5. Edit the Saved Report Name column by using the Rename functionality.
  6. From the Share Report column, click the Share Report icon to open a pop-up window where you can share the saved report with other users in your company.
    Note: The icon will be gray if the report has not been shared with anyone else. If the icon is green, this report has been shared with other users. You can also unshare a report with this icon, click here for more information
  7. The Delete functionality will permanently delete the saved report.
    Important: This will delete the report for you, and any users you’ve shared the report with. 

You’ll note in the image above that two of the reports do not have functionality for renaming, sharing, or deleting. These reports were created by another user and then shared with the user. Reports shared with you by someone else cannot be renamed, shared with others, or deleted. If you’d like to do any of these items, we suggest running the report by following the steps below.

How do I edit a Saved Report?

If you determine you’d like to update a saved report, like adding a new grouping, aggregation, or filter, the easiest thing is simply to create a new saved report. 

  1. Start by opening the saved report you’d like to modify from the My Reports section. 
  2. Next, make any desired changes. 
  3. Then, use the Save Report button, name the new report, and Save. 
  4. Use the View Reports button to be navigated back to the Saved Reports page. From here, you can Delete the previous version of the report if you’d like. 

Reset Report

Use the Reset Report button to reset any clinic or filter selections. 

Important: Using this option on Saved reports will set the report to the original report default.

Add Grid to Dashboard

Another method for viewing your custom report is by using the Add Grid to Dashboard button. This will take a snapshot of the Analysis Grid report for the date range you’ve indicated, allowing you to include it in a custom dashboard. Click here to learn more about My Dashboards.

  1. Once you’re satisfied with your report view (see customization instructions included above), click Add Grid to Dashboard.                                          
  2. Enter a Panel Title, and Panel Description (optional), then click Done. 
    Important: This will not automatically add the Grid to your custom dashboard. 
  3. When you navigate to My Reports and open My Dashboards, you can add the Grid to an existing tab using the gear icon and selecting Add Panels. Or, you can use the + tab icon to create a new dashboard and select the Grid from the Add Panels pop-up.                   
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