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Live Chat: WebPT Support

Live Chat allows you to directly communicate with a WebPT Support representative when logged into WebPT EMR. 

Tip: For the best results, we recommend using the Firefox browser. 

When you first log in, you will notice the chat icon on the bottom left corner of the page. This icon will always hover on that bottom left corner of the screen, regardless of what page you are viewing within the EMR.

How to Start a Chat

Live Chat is available during regular business hours, 8:00 AM - 8:00 PM EST, Monday - Friday. Click the chat icon on the bottom left corner of the screen to initiate a support request. Your name and email address will auto-populate in the chat window that opens and you will be asked to fill out the subject of your chat. Select Start Chatting and the next available representative will assist you.

Chatting with WebPT Support

Once an agent becomes available, you can begin chatting with them in the chat window. Feel free to continue moving throughout the application, the chat window will follow you.

Minimizing Window

If you need to minimize the chat window, select the two arrows on the top left corner of the window. If you receive a new message while the chat is minimized, a green dot will appear and the chat icon will pulse to notify you of the new message.

Ending Chat Session

If you would like to end the chat session, click the x on the top right corner of the window.

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