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Pelvic Health Documentation

Follow the steps below to load the Pelvic Health module, which features expanded diagnostic testing questionnaires, outcome measurement tools, and pelvic health-specific billing codes.

Initial Examination

In the patient records section of the patient chart, use the Play button to begin the Initial Examination.

Subjective Tab

In the  Basic Info section select Pelvic from the Pelvic Profile/Speech Profile drop-down menu.  

The  Medical History section contains additional diagnostic questions specific to pelvic health as well as expanded Medical History choices including items such as Endometriosis, PID, etc.                                 

Objective Tab

The pelvic health examination profile is already loaded. You will have access to pelvic Outcome Measurement Tools and many objective tests.

  1. Toggle the Pelvic radio button to Yes to select an OMT.
  2. Use the Custom Outcome Measurement section to include an OMT that we have not yet added to WebPT. Remember to upload the completed test into eDoc. 

Medicare Requirements

For Medicare patients, you will need to complete an Outcome Measurement Tool. For more information on Medicare requirements, click here.

Billing Tab

Select the appropriate billing codes. When complete, Preview and Finalize.

Continuing Treatment

Subsequent treatment documentation can be completed following WebPT Documentation practices. Use daily notes for standard visit documentation. Use progress notes every tenth visit or if the patient presents with a significant change in symptoms. Finally, use the appropriate discharge note to complete patient treatment.

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