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Chiropractic Notes

Enable the EMR's chiropractic documentation template for a range of specialized fields and tests across the Objective, Assessment, and Plan tabs as well as a chiropractic-specific Billing sheet. In order to access this template, the user must have the DC user type.

Please reference this article on for instructions on creating a custom Initial Exam profile to further tailor the documentation template to chiropractic-specific needs. 

Selecting the DC User Type

Click on your name in the top right corner of the WebPT dashboard and select My Profile from the drop-down. Ensure your user type is DC. If you have user manager permissions, you'll be able to update this field yourself, if not, you'll need to ask a user manager in your clinic to make the update for you. 

Documentation Fields

From a patient chart, select a note type from the Patient Record Actions drop-down.

Objective (Only for Evaluative Note Types)

The Objective tab contains chiropractic-specific tests and measurements, as indicated by the Chiropractic designation.


In addition to treatment goals, the Assessment tab contains an additional field for Home Care Instructions. 

Plan (Only in Evaluative Note Types)

The plan section contains chiropractic-specific selections, including chiropractic procedures and treatment. 

Billing (Objective Tab for Daily Notes)

The billing sheet contains chiropractic-specific billing codes. 

You can also enter custom codes at the end of each section by checking the box or entering units and including a description and the appropriate CPT code.

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