Complexity-Based CPT Code Settings

Turn on complexity-based coding at the company and insurance levels for PT and OT user types.

Company Settings

Enable complexity coding from your company's setting

Note: Only a company admin can complete the following steps.  See user permissions for more information.

  1. Select your clinic name to open the drop-down menu. Click Company Settings.         
  2. Turn on or off the Complexity Coding requirement using the On/Off radio buttons. When turned on, it will affect all companies that share that Tax ID.
  3. Save settings.                                                                                                     

Insurance Setting

When insurances are added to WebPT EMR the option to use Complexity-based CPT codes for evaluations is automatically selected for all insurances, with an effective date of 01/01/2017. Once selected no further action is needed when adding or editing insurances and any patient with that insurance will have complexity-based codes available in their documentation with coding support enabled for the company.


  • Only an insurance admin can access these settings. 
  • Some insurances will NOT use complexity-based CPT codes for evaluations. For those insurances, ensure this setting is not selected.

Learn more, Selecting an Evaluation Code Complexity Level.

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