Progress Note Alerts

There are several different Progress Note Alerts that will appear throughout the app when a Progress Note is needed for a patient.


The At a Glance section on the Dashboard has a Needs Progress Note link where you can find a list of all patients that need a Progress Note.

Patient's Chart

Once the patient has their 8th note completed for a particular case, an alert will appear above the Records section of their chart. 

A Progress Note will be required after 9 Daily Notes are finalized to complete with Medicare documentation requirements. After the 9th note (visit) has been finalized, another alert will appear advising that the therapist will now be required to add a Progress Note. The Daily Note option will no longer be available from the Patient Record Actions drop-down. For non-Medicare patient's you will still be able to add a Daily Note.

In order to satisfy Medicare's 10th visit requirement, the last progress note should be Billable.


A Progress Note alert (!) will also appear next to the patient’s name on the Agenda after the 9th visit or when nearing 30 days in treatment.

You will also see the same alert icon on the patient’s appointment on the Scheduler.

Customizing Progress Note Alert Times

Progress Note Alerts for commercial/non-Medicare insurances can be set for days or visits between evaluative notes (Initial Examination, Progress Note, Re-examination, Re-certification note types). The standard setup is for the alert to trigger at 10 visits or 30 days. If there is another timeframe that would be better for your clinic, please contact our Member Support team.