Orthosis Fabrication (OF) Documentation

The Orthosis Fabrication note type allows therapists to document and bill for splints, taping, and orthosis fabrication.

  1. Select Orthosis Fabrication as the appointment type when scheduling the patient. 
  2. Create a new case for the patient. On the Patient Info screen, click on Add Case and complete the required information using a relevant Case Title. Click Save.
  3. Scroll down and click Save Patient; you will be returned to the patient chart.
  4. Next, use the Patient Record Actions drop-down to choose Orthosis Fabrication. Click on the blue arrow to the right to launch the note.                        
  5. On the Subjective tab, in the Basic Info section, select the Orthosis Fabrication Profile. You can select multiple profiles.                                          
  6. Complete the rest of the documentation.
  7. The Billing tab has appropriate codes based on the profile you selected in the Subjective tab. Complete your billing and finalize the document. 
  8. You can track Orthosis Fabrication documentation in the Productivity Report under the category OF.