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Outcomes in Documentation

This article is a guide for outcomes in 1.0. For 2.0 outcomes, click here.

You can add OMTs to evaluative note types (Initial Exam, Progress Note, Re-exam, or Discharge Summary) directly on patient notes.

Evaluative Notes: Objective Tab

Important: WebPT Outcomes users can use the following process if the patient outcome has not already been staged using one of our Outcomes Intake Methods.

  1. From the Objective tab, if using the WebPT Outcomes reporting product, choose the outcomes questionnaire from the Outcome Measurement Tools drop-down menu. 
    Note: If you do not use one of the available OMTs, the case won't be included in Outcomes Reporting.
    1. If you do not use WebPT Outcomes or if you would like to include another OMT, use the Add Test box to locate your desired OMT.  
  2. Once you’ve selected a test, use the Yes radio button to reveal the test details and score fields.
  3. Click Show Test to view all the questions, and quickly add patient answers. If you prefer, click Print Test to have the patient complete the questionnaire, then enter the answers manually.
  4. After recording the patient's answers, use the Calculate Total button to generate the score.  
  5. When using the WebPT Outcomes reporting product, the outcome test will contain the Outcome questionnaire as well as additional questions about pain, patient satisfaction, and perception, if the proper Clinic Settings are enabled.
  6. Outcomes Reporting

    Many of the Company and National Reports available in WebPT Outcomes—like the Clinic Report Card—only include patients with a complete data set. In Outcomes, a patient has a complete data set when they have a completed survey at Initial Evaluation and Discharge Summary. 

    However, we recognize that many patients fail to return to therapy and may not have a completed survey at discharge. In this instance, if the patient's case has a completed OMT on the Progress Note and is Quick Discharged, the system will convert the Progress Note Survey to a Discharge survey. This ensures a complete data set for patients who self-discharge or are otherwise unable to complete their course of care.

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