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How to Add and Edit a Contact

Contacts are people added to the system who aren't patients, physicians, or insurance companies. A contact could be an attorney, case manager, or referral source. 

Note: When you add in a referral source, such as an ad campaign, you can later run a report to measure the success of ad campaigns by seeing how many referrals the ad brought into your clinic.

Adding a Contact

  1. Click Add Contact, located under the Contact Manager.
  2. Fill out the required information (referral type and first name) and any additional details. 
  3. Click the Add Contact button.

Editing a Contact

  1. To begin, you must first locate the contact. Start by clicking Display Contacts, located under the Contact Manager.
  2. Search for the contact using any of the available search fields, including Name, Group Name, Referral Type, and Status.
  3. Find the appropriate contact and use the Edit link to open the contact record.
  4. Change any information as needed and use the Edit Contact button to save your changes.

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