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Adding a Marketing Referral to a Patient's Case

Using the Marketing Referral Contact field in the patient's case will allow you to track non-physician referrals. Marketing Referral contacts allow you to differentiate between the different types of direct access patients as well as understand your mix of physician referrals to direct access. This document provides a sample workflow for managing marketing referrals from adding a referral contact through to tracking referrals in the Referral Report and Analytics. 

Note: When running the Referral Report, the referral must have been entered into the case at the time the patient profile was created. If referral information is added to the case later, it will not be reflected in the report.

There are two ways to create a Marketing Referral Contact

  1. Create a new contact using the Add Contact link in the Contact Manager. For directions, click here
  2. Use the Add New Referral Contact link in the New/Edit Case screen as shown below. 

Adding a New Referral Contact to a Patient's Case 

  1. In the Patient Info section of the Patient Chart, Add or Edit a Case
  2. Set the Referred by Physician field to No. If your clinic administrator has made referral information required for every patient, the Marketing Referral Contact field will be required when the Referred by Physician field is set to No. This setting can be turned on in the Clinic Settings page.
  3. In the Referring Physician field, begin typing Direct Access and select it from the drop-down.
  4. Select the Add New Referral Contact link.
  5. Fill in the required contact details and Save. Depending on the referral type, you may want to enter contact details like email or phone number.
  6. In the Marketing Referral Contact field, type in the name of the contact you just added, and select the correct record from the drop-down.

Next, track your referrals in the Referral Report. 

  1. In the Reports section of the EMR, select referral report. For more information on the referral report, click here.
  2. Use the Referral Type drop-down to select the time period and specific referral types to filter your view.
  3. Monitor the effectiveness of your marketing efforts further using the Analytic's referral reports. For more information, click here
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